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Oct 24 2016

Chili/Soup Dinner to be October 27th

MPL will be hosting a Chili/Soup Dinner on Thursday, October 27th, from 5p-7p.  There will also be baked goods for sale.  This is a donation only sales event and all monies benefit the McLouth Public Library.

The Library will be open during this time to enable visitors to check out its large array of books on sale.  MPL does have the $5 and $2 bag sale still going.

We all hope to see you here on Thursday!!

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Oct 12 2016

Advocacy Alert: Library Funding

Contact Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, let them know how important our State Library is and the programs/services that it provides to us!

Every year, nearly $200 million in federal library funding is awarded to every state in the nation by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). IMLS can do that work, and gets the funding it needs, in no small measure because Congress passed and periodically “reauthorizes” the Museum and Library Services Act. It’s time for Congress to renew that important landmark legislation again and library champions in the Senate have just introduced a bill, S. 3391, to do exactly that. With just a few weeks remaining after the November elections to get it passed, however, we need to help them help us by getting as many other Senators to “co-sponsor” S. 3391 as possible.

Please, don’t wait until November. Act now to email or call your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor S. 3391, the Museum and Library Services Act, as soon as they get back to Washington.

The more cosponsors we can get, the better the odds that the key Senate “HELP” Committee will act on the bill when the Senate returns so that the full Senate will have the chance to approve it before the 114th Congress comes to a close in December.

Talking Points:

S. 3391 is a bi-partisan bill with broad support from the library and museum communities, and in Congress;
S. 3391 requires the use of data driven tools, including research, analysis and modeling, evaluation, and dissemination to assess and assure the impact and effectiveness of funded programs;
S. 3391 highlights the role of libraries as community hubs, equipped to meet ever evolving community needs, including: literacy, education, lifelong learning, workforce development, economic and business development, digital literacy skills critical thinking, financial literacy skills and new and emerging technology; and
S. 3391 will enhance IMLS’ collaborative efforts by expanding the number of federal agencies able to fully leverage the role of libraries and museums in supporting and meeting the needs of Americans.

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Sep 14 2016

MPL Bake Sale

McLouth Public Library will hold a Bake Sale on September 30th from 11a to 5p.  It will be donation only and monies will be used for the functions of this Library.  If you wish to donate a baked good item, contact the Library for more information.

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Sep 01 2016

September is National Library Sign Up Month

What is the most important school supply that a child can have?  The American Library Association (ALA) believes it is a library card and so does McLouth Public Library.  If you or your child does not have a library card, come in and sign up for one today.  There is no age limit to having a library card, if you read to your toddler – get a library card for him/her so as they grow they learn to use it.  “Books are Treasures Waiting to be Discovered”.

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Aug 09 2016

Results of Library Hours Survey

Recently, McLouth Public Library (MPL) conducted a survey regarding extending its library hours.  We received many positive results and this Director is happy to announce that the Library Board has approved extending the hours of MPL on the condition of using volunteers.

MPL can extend its hours with the use of volunteers as the extended hours will NOT be funded due to a tight budget.  The majority of responses to the survey requested Monday thru Friday hours to be 10a-6p with Saturday hours being 9a-2p.  So, MPL needs volunteer hours to be 1-2 hours during the weekdays and 2 hours on Saturdays.  If a volunteer wishes to contribute more hours that would be great!

Persons wishing to contribute a few daily or even weekly hours may contact MPL for more information.  Thank you for allowing us to better serve this great community.

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Jul 11 2016

Casey’s Pizza and Donut Cards for Sale

This Library is selling “Casey’s” Pizza and Donut punch cards for the Summer Reading Program.  We are hoping to get enough to take the SRP children on a field trip or having a party the first week of August.

The cards are:  Pizza – $15 and the Donut – $10.  The Library keeps 1/2 the proceeds and the other 1/2 goes back to Casey’s.

Stop by the Library for the cards and more details if needed.

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Jun 06 2016

McLouth Public Library Hours Survey

This Director and the Library Board have discussed changing to longer library hours.  We would like the public’s input on this issue and have devised a survey we hope that you will take the time to fill out.  The survey is located on the “Information” page and just beneath the heading of “Forms”.  You can print it off, fill it out, and bring it into the Library or mail to Lara Beach whose address is listed there, as well.  There are also surveys at the Library that you are welcome to come in and fill out.

We appreciate your response in this matter so that we here at the Library can continue to serve our great community!

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Jun 02 2016

Summer Programs Return to MPL

We have Summer programs returning to McLouth Public Library.

Starting June 1st, the Lunchables began and will run through school time.

The Summer Reading Program will begin on June 6th with weekly prizes being given to the child(ren) who have read the most minutes for that week!

June 7th, Movie Time will begin and will run through July.  Movie Time will be both Tuesdays and Thursdays with a begin time of 2:30p.  Popcorn and Kool-Aid provided.  Parents/Guardians/Babysitters are invited to join the children!  All movies are rated “G” unless otherwise noted.  Please see “Services & Programs” page for movie listing.

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Apr 21 2016

Jefferson Co. Area Chamber of Commerce Names McLouth Public Library as Their Spotlight

Our Jefferson County Area Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight this month is on the McLouth Public Library! You can find the Library at 215 S. Union St. At the McLouth Public Library you can check out books, magazines, audio books, DVD’s, and they participate in the InterLibrary Loan program! They have patron computers with high speed Internet, hotspot wireless Internet access, and offer copy, printing, fax and notary services! You can also take advantage of programs like Storytime, movie days, summer reading, 1-1 computer training,and book club! Make sure you have a NExpress Library Card in good standing and stop by to check out the McLouth Public Library! www.mclouth.mykansaslibrary.org/

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Mar 30 2016

Website Updates

The McLouth Public Library’s website now offers FREE newspaper links.  On the sidebar you will find the “News” header that offers various area newspapers.  Click on the link and it will give you free access to certain areas of that paper, if you wish to subscribe on your own you need to contact that newspaper for details.  There is also a link to “WIBW 13”.

This Library’s website now offers printable forms for your convenience.  We have posted the Volunteer Application, Employment Application, Comment form, and the Complaint form.  These forms can be printed off, filled out, and either brought to the Library or mailed to the Library Board Secretary:

Lara Beach, McLouth Library Board, 304 E. Harker, McLouth, KS  66054

Of course, it is a request from all of us here at the Library that you contact the Director and work at getting any issue corrected before mailing the complaint form.



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